Here are some of the data projects I am currently working on. Links to Shiny apps and code on GitHub will be made public when a project is published.

Individual Projects

adavis Visual exploration of nearly 36,000 US legislator voting scores as recorded by the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) from 1948 to 2015. The data is grouped by year, state, chamber, and party. App Link | GitHub

gendeR Thorough author-gender analysis of nearly 13,000 publications included in reading lists constituting the International Relations programme—Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels—at the London School of Economics during the 2015-16 academic year. Accompanies a co-authored manuscript. App Link | GitHub

duRation Ensemble ML app that takes survival analysis as input, transforms it to logistic regression, and runs a series of classification models using caret to increase predictive accuracy. Currently under development.


rebelCast rebelTrack Two open-source R packages to predict global conflict escalation patterns. With Nils Metternich, UCL. Project summary.

usuof Using NLP to scrape the NYT digital archives (1851-2006) to quantify how security rich/poor the international environment is, in order to predict presidential inclination to choose use of force over diplomacy. With Peter Trubowitz and Kohei Watanabe, LSE.

RussiaGIS Spatial visualisation of the effect of Tsarist Russia socio-demographic variables on contemporary levels of democracy in Russia. With Tomila Lankina, LSE.

entropy ML prediction model using the maximum entropy generation framework to forecast conflict duration. With Karsten Donnay, University of Konstanz.